I was amazed how simplistic the lessons were and how quickly I was learning and progressing.  I completed theory in four months and passed the first four speed levels ( 60 Thru 120words per minute ) all while still in highschool.

     Stephanie D
The Theory lessons in the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home program are so simple and put together so well I was able to learn my complete theory in 2 and 1/2 months while working full time.

   Tracy H.

The theory has been thorougly thought out and is very easily understood. I had no trouble getting through it in 2and 1/2 months.


I completed my theory in 5 and 1/2 weeks and passed my 60s thru 140s in 3 and 1/2 months. I love the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home Program.

     Tracy O.

Court Reporting and Captioning at Home is presented in such an efficient and organized manner that it is extremely easy to learn. The unique DVD tutorial illustrates everything from how to set up your steno machine to how to write each of the 20 theory lessons.
Thank you Court Reporting at Home for developing a court reporting training program that fits my schedule and lifestyle yet I can be confident will propel me into the professions of real time court reporting and broadcast captioning with a competitive edge.


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Writing at 225 Words Per Minute
Court Reporting and Captioning at Home
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Court Reporting Homestudy The benefits of Realtime Reporting and Closed Captioning Homestudy Training


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